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Conference Calendar 2020 / 2021 / 2022


This service is made available to PayComm users exclusively for their annual planning:

  • As a possible participant (digital, hybrid, or on-site) at one of the events listed
  • As the person responsible for corporate events, to be able to determine a suitable date for own events in comparison with this calendar.


Provide a comprehensive collection of all events in the payment industry (exceptions: closed customer events, etc.)

Uniform data (date, the title of the event, location, organizer), presented in the classic calendar format, with additional information on the actual type of implementation (according to plan, in a different format and, if so, in which, postponed, etc.)

Timeliness: The specific status of individual events is continuously changing. The calendar is updated regularly as soon as there is new information about individual events. Users benefit from downloading the latest version of the document from time to time.


Conference Calendar 2021 / 2022


This calendar is – as it concerns events in the German-speaking area – exclusively in German.

The complete 2021/2022 calendar of events is available for our members as a pdf-document.

Since the pdf document is updated regularly, you should find out about the latest version of the pdf using the document date.



Conference Calendar 2020 

In order to compare the dates and formats of the previous year, we will once again provide you with the complete calendar of events in the payment industry in 2020. This will make it possible to track all changes in the schedule caused by the pandemic as well as in the event formats.