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PayComm Editorial Office


Stefan Schneider

– editor-in-chief –




The PayComm editorial office oversees a now very extensive database with more than 15,000 individual documents. Even the resulting effort for the maintenance and necessary updates is enormous.

Ongoing adjustments and the processing of current news and trends are the responsibility of the editors. Member companies and users thereby save their own time and effort, constantly having to get an overview of the news from the industry, it's meaning and utility value and can instead rely on the curated content compiled by the PayComm editorial staff.

The necessary review of the up-to-dateness of existing texts and documents is a demanding task, which is taken over by the Advisory Board Members individually for their respective areas of expertise. When changes are needed, the editors come into play as substantive "sparring partners" and - if the changes are final - also the database office to implement the changes in the database. From this moment on, any user can benefit directly from these efforts.

Just as the payment business is changing rapidly and new topics and tasks are constantly being added, the focus of the knowledge library must, of course, be subject to a regular review. This task is also shared by the advisory board and editorial staff.

Special assets of the knowledge database are our PayComm exclusive documents, which are not available anywhere else in this specific form and quality. Here, the editorial office sees a focus both in updating the existing documents as well as in the commissioning and procurement of new additional exclusive documents.