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PaySys Reports

As a service to our PayComm Members, we are introducing this series of PaySys Reports delivering background information and analysis on various regulatory issues such as Interchange Regulations, PSD II and many more.

In addition to the current issue, you will also find all PaySys reports from 2015 to today  in our yearly subchapters.


As an example, you can see the summary of the following edition.



PAYSYS REPORT - issue 10 - December 2020

In this tenth issue of PaySys Report the main topic is the Retail Payments Strategy which was published by the EU Commission in September 2020. With this publication the Commission sets an ambitious agenda and contemplates a large number of new regulatory initiatives.

The authors first examine specific aspects of a payment strategy specifically mentioned by the Commission, such as governance, open access, security, complexity, speed, etc.
Furthermore they are discussing a few topics whre they see a wish list rather than a strategy paper. Consequently In the course of the detailed analysis, the authors are missing other strategic points of view and cornerstones cited by the Commission.

Furthermore, this issue of the report contains a compilation of new and surprisingly high figures on the market shares that the domestic card schemes account for in both individual EU member states and the EU (27) without UK.