PayComm The Knowledge Library of the Payment Industry

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PayComm - The Knowledge Library


PayComm's goal is to provide conclusive and up-to-date information on any aspect of the cashless payment industry to all employees of the participating members. All publicly available information and member provided information is compiled by the editorial office and made available to the Advisory Board prior to publication in the knowledge library.

The Advisory Boards sole purpose is to ensure the correctness and neutrality of the information before it is made available.
The content of the knowledge library is split into two parts:

  • The fact based area, where only approved data can be found. These pages are marked “Approved”.
  • The area of trends & news, where press releases, information from the companies as well as trends on the payment market can be found.

We provide all users a fast unlimited ACCESS to Data.

The quality of information ensures reliable statements and robust assumptions.

The current PayComm knowledge library is primarily bilingual (English & German), whereby the prominent language is German.
If the content is available in other languages the page marked with a corresponding flag.