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Market Data


This chapter „Market Data“ contains various statistics and information on the card business.

The data is split into three main chapters:


Worldwide Market Data



European Market Data



Country based Market Data

In this chapter, PayComm provides the users with market information on 34 European countries containing information on market structure, major players, as well as country specific payment services.

These 34 countries are a total of 27 EU Member States (after UK`s exit from the EU), as well as Iceland, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey and the UK.

Country by country the following details of the payment markets can be found in this PayComm section:

  • Country - starting page:
    Market Overview - tabular
    Market Key Statistics - tabular
    Description of Payment Habits (for selected countries)
  • Statistics from the ECB
    (if there is no information available from the ECB we provide statistics from BIS)
  • Special Statistics / Reports
  • PayComm Country Report - Made by PayComm (for selected countries)
  • Archive