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PayComm Membership

Who can become a PayComm member?

All interested natural or legal persons, as well as joint-ownership entities and unincorporated associations, that commit themselves to the objectives defined in the association’s Statutes and further these actively or passively, can become PayComm members.

Here’s an overview of the organisations which are currently PayComm e.V. members:



Benefits of a PayComm membership

After application and activitation each member has direct 24/7 access to all the contents of the online database. This also applies to all employees of member companies, provided that their employer has registered them and they have been authorised to use the database. (For more details about the extensive contents and options, please refer to the separate tab “The Knowledge Library” and its sub-options “Benefits” and “Structure” which are also publicly accessible).

Additionally to this, members decide whether they wish only to access content, or whether they would also like to post it. Member companies can use the pages beneath “Member profile” and “Member news” to post news and profile changes via the Editorial Office. This publishing option is available to member companies only.

Member companies can also input their special expertise into further developing the database content. Such information is highly welcome and members are cordially invited to improve the quality and topicality of the contents. That said, in the interest of competitive impartiality, the Editorial Office and Advisory Board always have the final say on the nature of the content to be incorporated.

All members can enjoy the benefits of the personal exchange and networking opportunities at internal occasions such as member meetings and events, as well as at the PayComm Conference which is also open to non-members for a fee.


Membership Fees

To enrol, the member must pay a one-time admission fee (the amount of which is decided by the General Meeting), together with the first of an annually recurring yearly membership contribution.
For access to PayComm knowledge library (online database) are different service packages available with different yearly fees, depending on numbers of users.

For further “numerical” details, please refer to the attached summary.

Pdf Summary of Membership Fees

fees-paycomm-membership-v2020-03.pdf (61 KB)

Membership Application

You can apply for membership directly using the attached Membership Application Form.

Pdf of Membership Application Form

paycomm-application-v2020-03.pdf (72 KB)

Should you require further information, please use our contact form on the right.