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Advisory Board

The PayComm Advisory Board had begun its work prior to the foundation of the PayComm Association. It was instrumental in designing and organising the content of the PayComm database.

The Advisory Board, which acts as an independent body, is composed of experts from the payment industry with an average professional experience in payment systems of sixteen years.

Each member of the Advisory Board has a wealth of knowledge from their respective sectors in the payment industry. Consequently of this each member has taken over a godfather role for specific topics. As a rule the editorial office is restrained from adding content to the database that has not been approved by the particular godfather or godfathers responsible the that specific topic.

The most important tasks of the Advisory Board are:

  • Quality assurance by way of verification and structuring of the content
  • Filtering and removal of content that reflects advertising or marketing opinion
  • Ensure the content is presented in a neutral and pertinent fashion (Protection of neutral competition)
  • Approval of content after verification by the respective “godfather”